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Internet Advertising

With Internet Advertising, Bellani Graphics and Websites La Spezia creates advertising campaigns aimed at informing your company or your product / service by exploiting the publication on search engines.
Increase your visits traffic and the number of contact requests and quotes to your company!
Our agency creates ads with the Google Adwords Pay Per Click advertising system, allocating the budget you want, with the goal of circulating the potential customer on your website or on the page of your product / service that the customer was looking for online .
We can define the target of affected users by choosing between different parameters: age, gender, geographic area, interests, etc.
With the integration of Google Analytics, Bellani Graphics and Websites will provide you with detailed sales reports and how visitors use your website. With Google Adwords and Facebook Ads we set and optimize ad campaigns, your budget decides you.
Investing in the Web has several benefits for your business:
Costs less than a classic advertising campaign.
Choice of range of action.
Intercept the user when he expresses the need.
Visibility of your company.